Kongsberg Target Systems has a huge number of products, which also meet the Armed Forces` requirements:
  • All shooting distances from 10m to 1200m+.
  • All pistol og rifle calibres, inclusive .50 (12.7mm).
  • Monitors which are designed for rough outdoor use in all weather conditions.
  • Radio or cable communication between the target and firing line.
  • Great flexibility for all kind of ranges, from one complete single lane for sniper training of Special Forces,
    till huge gallery ranges for training of soldiers in standard troops.
Software programs which make the shooting much more effective and simple to organize, store and printout the results:
Orion Control Room Software, the Range Officer`s tool.
-Actual shooting programs can easily be pre-programmed.

WinGPS which graphically displays the results i real time.
-Enables the instructors to plot the shooters who need help and instructions.

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