Individual training
Firing lane
Firing line
PC-Target is a product which uses your own PC at the firing line in order to display the results.
This electronic solution keeps the cost very low.

The PC-Target software has a number of functions which make your home training much more efficient.
You get the following information immediately:

  1. Shot value
  2. Shot direction or time
  3. Shot status
  4. Last or selected shot value
  5. Shot info, choose between:
    - X & Y;          X and Y coordinates for the last/selected shot
    - Xm & Ym:   X and Y coordinates for the Mean Point of Impact
    - H+W:           Height and width dispersion
    - C-C:             The longest distance between two shots
  6. Series sum
  7. Total sum 
  8. Point of impact
  9. Point of impact of the last or selected shot
  10. Mean Point of Impact (MPI)

PC-Target Download PDF