From shot to web
Norwegian National Rifle Championship 2019

Approx. 4300 participated at the Norwegian National Rifle Championship (Landsskytterstevnet)
in Evje (close to Kristiansand) 2 - 9 August.
Probably the most advanced shooting competition in the world; Simultaneously shooting at
100m, 200m, Terrain Shooting, Falling Target and Rapid Fire Shooting. 
Spectator display in real time at the arena and Internet. The most essential parts (approx 12hrs)
of the championship was covered in real time by the main national TV channel (NRK).
More than 500,000 rounds were fired at totally 215 targets from KTS.

The Terrain Shooting has become more popular after the introduction of our electronic detection.
The immediate feedback of the hits is considered as both effective and educational by the shooters.
This was the first year that the results from the Terrain Shooting and the Rapid Fire Shooting 
were transferred in real time to the big screen at the arena. 
The national military championship was arranged simultaneously at the electronic solution from KTS.

Source: DFS livestream

Like normal, the Norwegian national TV channel (NRK) covered the main parts of the championship
with a complete production team. Totally approx. 12hrs, most of it in real time, was broadcasted
in the most popular broadcast time on TV. Incredible good marketing for the shooting as a sport!